How To Avoid Suspension Of Your Fieldoo Profile – Agents

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We’ve prepared a guide explaining how to properly fill your agent profile to give it a professional and appealing look and to also avoid being suspended by our quality control team.

1. Profile Picture

Good practice: The best profile picture is a frontal portrait of you, you alone, preferably in formal attire. It’s the focal point of your profile so you have to be easily recognizable.

Suspension: Not alone in the photo,  group photos, photos of other people, not fully clothed, effects and filters, added text, bad lighting, funny photos, memes, added text, fake photos etc.


Send us an email at [email protected] when you complete the necessary corrections!

2. Player Profile

If a player creates an agent profile, it will be automatically suspended. To create a player profile click on:

3. Reported as spam

Do not spam players with repetitive messages because you are hurting your own credibility and are susceptible to suspension.

4. Reported as fraud

Agent’s actions on Fieldoo have been reported as frauds or fraud attempts.

5. Reported as fake

This goes for all information that is not valid or cannot be proven. Fake basic info, fake name, inappropriate bio, fake transfers, fake players etc.

6. Type

All agents who fill in their type as Licensed have to verify their license directly to Fieldoo by replying to an email they receive after creating their profile. Not verifying a license will not get you automatically suspended but you will be marked as suspicious by our system and it will hurt your credibility. If you’re not a licensed agent fill in the Type field accordingly.

To reclaim the account or for additional questions related to the suspended account, please contact us at [email protected].

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