Search by position, club, country, status … (FIELDOO UPDATE)

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As you probably noticed we’ve been working hard from day one to improve our service for our users – football players. After adding some exciting features (connect with other players, sign up/login with Facebook, messages, news feed…), we just improved our search.

Many of you asked how to find “these players from those countries playing in that position…”? With new and enhanced version of our search (see below) it’s really easy to find people you’re looking for! Just type interested criteria (position, country, club, year of birth, transfer status…) into search box and you’ll get the results. It works like Google, where you type search queries into the box.

New search – enabled for logged-in users and non-registrated visitors – is perfect to increase social experience of Fieldoo; find (and follow) new players, teammates and others that matters to you.

However, new search engine covers only relevant football players’ profiles, which have high enough percentage of profile completeness. Fieldoo is a professional platform and as such offers only credible search results. Profiles containing irrelevant/inappropriate data (info, photos, video…) or having low percentage of completeness can’t be found within search results (neither for general public, registrated players nor for agents as their platform is cooming soon).

Hope you enjoy new search experience!

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