How To Avoid Suspension Of Your Fieldoo Profile – Players

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We’ve prepared a guide explaining how to properly fill your profile to give it a professional and appealing look and to also avoid being suspended by our quality control team.

1. Profile Picture

Good practice: The best profile picture is a frontal portrait of you, you alone. Bonus points if you’re wearing the kit from your current club.

Suspension: Not alone in the photo, no group/team photos, photos of other players (Messi, Ronaldo…), photo with sunglasses and other headgear, not fully clothed, effects and filters, added text, bad lighting, funny photos, memes, added text, fake photos etc.

Send us an email at [email protected] when you complete the necessary corrections!

2. Info and Statistics

Good practice: Make sure you double check the info and statistics when you put it in. And, of course, don’t lie. We’ll know.

Suspension: 0kg/cm, 100 matches in a season, 150 goals in a season, 0 matches 20 goals etc.

3. Pics

Good practice: In this section you can post action shots of yourself from practice or games and a promotional video. Unlike in profile pictures, group/team photos are allowed here.

Suspension: photos from other players, fake videos, photos and/or videos of other players (Messi, Ronaldo…)

4. Video

Good practice: Video clips of you in a competitive 11-a-side match or matches. Click here to see how to make a great promotional video.

Suspension: Videos from other players, not working videos, videos of juggling, videos of free-kick taking, music videos etc.

5. Matches

Good practice: The more matches you put in, the more complete is your profile and it also lets agents know when and where they can check up on you. But make sure you fill in your real matches, don’t lie and add matches against Barcelona, Real Madrid if you really don’t play against those teams.

Suspension: Fake matches.

6. Press

Good practice: Your website, links to your profile on: Transfermarkt, Soccerway, Facebook etc. and links of articles and interviews about you.

Suspension: Fake links, links not involving anything about you.

To reclaim the account or for additional questions related to the suspended account, please contact us at [email protected].

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