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Dzengis Cavusevic (FC St. Gallen)

Dzengis Cavusevic (FC St. Gallen striker & Slovenia national team player)

We’re proud to present the interview with Dzengis Cavusevic, Fieldoo, the Football Career Network, user from day 1! Dzengis (24 years old) is a Slovenian footballer (striker), who plays for St. Gallen in the Swiss Super League. His football career significantly twisted in the last months: he made a transfer from 2nd division club FC Wil to St. Gallen – currently holds 2nd position –, where he scored 4 league goals already. And that’s not all: Dzengis recently got a call from Slovenia national team manager who called him up for the upcoming qualifiers match against Cyprus for the first time in his career. His market value is estimated at 500.000 €!

Dzengis, congratulations on being called up to the national team. Where were you when you heard the news? What does this mean for your career?
Thank you for the congratulations. When I found out that I was called up to the national team I was having lunch with my friends. I am not burdening myself with the question what will this fact bring to my further career. I am taking it day by day.

Your transfer to FC Wil was greeted by a lot of scepticism by many. How does an unestablished football player changes into someone who is currently right at the top of the goal scorers in Swiss league?
The second Swiss League was in the eyes of many a step backwards in my career. I however knew that it was a very well organised club where’s a lot of room for improvement. Sometimes you have to make a step backwards in order to move two steps forward. To succeed the most important things are to trust in your own abilities and to have self-confidence.

Together with your teammates you have started the initial part of the season excellently and are currently just below the leading team. Just last year St. Gallen was in the second league…
For us the season has begun more than successful. Before this season we did not make any goals, but simply to go from match to match and try to win 3 points every match. Where this will lead us, we will see at the end of the season.

What can you tell us about your team, your coach? Should we be keeping an eye on somebody particular in the future?
I can say only good things about my team as well as our coach who knows how to stop the euphoria in a situation when we are fighting for the top of the leader board. I would like to single out Dejan Janjatovic a young midfielder who is giving some top performances despite his youth.

Dzengis Cavusevic celebrating goal for FC St. Gallen

Dzengis Cavusevic celebrates goal for FC St. Gallen

How do you remember your beginnings? Why football at all? When did you realize that you could be a professional player?
My uncle enrolled me into a small football club called NK Smartno. Why football? Because the positive things you experience in this game cannot be described by words. When I play football I’m happy and this gives me extra strength and drive for all the hard work. I realized that football could be my profession when I signed my first professional contract with NK Domzale.

Back then the internet was not as developed as it is now. Would you, if it was possible back then, create your own profile on Fieldoo?
A few years back I would create my own profile on Fieldoo with even greater delight because I think that it would have helped me even more in that phase of my sport career. I was in a very uncertain situation back then concerning my career and football agents were not showing much interest in me. I have created my profile now because I like to share my performances and results. By doing this I would like to show the younger players who are now at the stepping point I was years ago that you can succeed.

What do you like the most about Fieldoo? Who would you recommend it to?
Above all I like the simplicity and the possibility of self-promotion. I would recommend it to every football player who enjoys what he or she does and shares the results with others all around the world.

How do you otherwise look at social networks (Facebook, Twitter…)? What can these tools do for the promotion of football players or athletes in general?
I see social networks as a good opportunity for connecting with others. For me and my football career these kinds of tools are important because I can introduce myself to people who do not know me personally or to my fans, plus they provide me free promotion. That is why I like Fieldoo.

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