Fieldoo Members vs. Football Superstars

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The theory of six degrees of separation refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps or fewer.

Eduard Castro (right) vs Raul

Eduard Castro (Fieldoo member) vs. Raul (Photo credit: Fieldoo)

You are probably wondering how the theory of six degrees of separation relates to Fieldoo or football in general. Well, the truth is that the theory does not translate to the real world, because in football there are even less steps. How is that?

Let me prove it on a case of a few exceptional players and Fieldoo users. The first pick is Eduard Castro (28 years old), a goalkeeper from Spain. In the 2008/09 season Eduard was a goalkeeper of Real Union football club, which, in said season, eliminated Real Madrid from the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) competition, thus pulling off one of the major upsets in Spanish football history. Eduard played and won against the likes of Casillas, Raul, Sergio Ramos, Robben, Sneijder and other football superstars. But the superstar of that day was Eduard Castro!

Dzengis Cavusevic (right) vs. Genarro Gattuso

Dzengis Cavusevic (Fieldoo member) vs. Genarro Gattuso (Photo credit: Yahoo! News)

Another example is a Slovenian named Dzengis Cavusevic, a 24 years old striker, now playing in Switzerland. Dzengis is a perfect Fieldoo profile, a proven talent from the Slovenian football league, taking the next step in his career by moving to the Swiss second division, where he battled, once again proving his talent and earned his spot in a first division team – FC St. Gallen. Džengis’ story is inspiring, coming from a local pitch in Slovenia to facing a team like FC Sion with legendary Gennaro Gatusso… and he is still pushing forward. Another Fieldoo family member, Bryan Machado (23 years old), played against Ronaldinho Gaucho, a magician who singlehandedly changed the history of FC Barcelona.

Bryan Machado (left) vs Ronaldinho

Bryan Machado (Fieldoo member) vs. Ronaldinho (Photo credit: Fieldoo)

Talk about football with anyone on the planet and everyone will know the names of Raul, Casillas, Gattuso, Ronaldinho… and Fieldoo members played against them and even beat them. Yes, in football the chain of separation is shorter.

Of course the sceptic will immediately add that we’re referring to a few exceptions, a single cup or even a friendly game, which may even be true, but what we all need in life, what every single player out there wants is an opportunity, a chance to prove himself. And the mentioned examples are the perfect opportunity! They prove that eventually, a chance will come in life; everyone gets an opportunity, no matter what the level.

When Pierluigi Collina, the most famous football referee in the world, was asked if he has stage fright when entering the arena to referee a game with the likes of Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo or Messi, he responded: “Never! Because I know if I am on the pitch with them, it means I am also top class.” And so are Eduard, Dzengis, Bryan and others…

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