10 useful tips for better use of social networks (part 1)

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Social networks are a great way to promote yourself. Athletes can use them to connect with fans and share their personal and professional lives like never before. But there are a few things every user should know before starting out. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Fieldoo and other (social) network platforms should be your friend, not your enemy – so choose them carefully! Check out our 10 essential social media tips: today we give you the golden rule and the first five tips.

Golden rule: Be honest!

There is nothing worse than lying, especially online! Word of mouth travelled fast even before the internet was around, now it travels even faster. And if you don’t know: bad news travels faster than good news so sooner or later everything will come back and haunt you. Giving out credible and relevant information (while using your real name) is crucial. It is important that people know who they are following / communicating / interacting with via social media. People don’t want to read fictional stories by anonymous authors on social media! Be yourself – in your best possible way!


1. Choose platforms that suit you

There are a lot of different social networks out there, so first you must think hard about which are the ones relevant to you. Example: LinkedIn is a business career network – and a good one – but because you are an athlete, there is not much that it can help you with. Choosing Fieldoo, a network for athletes (football players), is surely a more logical choice! Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are welcome in any case, as they are mostly widespread and offer a lot of great chances to promote yourself outside the narrow professional environment.

2. Make your profiles known and connect with other people

You are not alone in this social media world! Other athletes have their profiles too, so why not let your friends from the field know that you have also made an online profile? Spread the word and – if you work hard on and off the pitch – people will start to notice and surely agents will also come across your virtual space. Make sure you make a good first impression!

3. Use the social media like the best in the world

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Since social media is already well developed, you can just look at great examples from the best in the world and use them in your favour. It is important to share exclusive content, but keep in mind that the content needs to be appropriate – also in terms of quality. Depending on the social network, picture and video quality can vary. Facebook requires higher quality pictures than Twitter. The latter is ideal for sharing pictures made with your mobile phone, which is great if you want to share something as soon as possible. Imagine – you can share your picture with a cup you just won in a matter of seconds!

4. Use social media as your press officer

You may need one in later stages of you career, but at the beginning you can be your own press officer. It is important to be yourself (golden rule!) as people will quickly notice that you are not what you pretend to be. Be sincere in your posts and tweets and do not underestimate the power of your words. People can hear different stories about what happened with you on your last game, but why make them guess? Post your thoughts on your social media and say that you are sorry for what happened. If you did something good, upgrade that with a big Thank you! for all your loyal friends. Use Twitter to clear up your quotes if a journalist made a mistake. Make a video in which you say what you want to say (write it on a piece of paper and read it, if you can’t memorize it – but make it look like common speech!) and post it on YouTube. The possibilities are limitless: why not use the power of social media in your own good?

5. Think before you post

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In line with one of our previous posts, it is very important to think about what you post. When your thoughts are out in the world-wide-web, it is impossible to stop your word being spread. It spreads virally (like a virus) and the damage can be devastating. So think and re-think if you really want to tell the world what you think when you have a hot head. Our advice would be: sleep it over and if you still feel like coming out, do it, otherwise you will see that you have made the right decision by keeping your thoughts to yourself. If you really want to post something and don’t want to wait, give it at least 30 seconds and two reads before hitting the post/tweet/publish button! In any case, try to keep your messages “clean”, as children may be reading them. What would they think about their idol saying trash? Also, don’t pick fights with other athletes through social media. Save it for the field!

Five more tips will follow in the second part. Check back with us soon and read more about the opportunities social media platforms offer to athletes just like you!

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