Will you marry me?

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It’s devastating to hear bad news and all the happening around all kind of things. Gary Speed‘s yesterday’s dead was shocking for everybody who at least cursory follows the world of sports. That’s why I decided to write a blog post on different, little more bright topics. What about marriage proposals during the sport events? Let’s have a closer look to some more or less (un)successive proposals…

Something special recently happened in the 2nd Spanish basketball division between Melilla and Clínicas Rincón. Ridge McKeither, Melilla’s player, proposed his girlfriend Samanta to become his wife. See video below how she said “yes”.

However, not every public marriage proposal was successful. See what happened when the guy tried to propose at the halftime at the NBA game between Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards. Ouch!

There was also a bad luck for the fan at the football game Cercle Brugge : Standard who tried to surprised and proposed his girlfriend… Ouch again!

What about top athletes and their “marriage confrontations” with fans? Check out funny story with Rafael Nadal and Steffi Graf in main roles which reflects interesting and, yes, entertaining reactions from both of them…

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