Without borders

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We took some days and weeks off; with clear and constructive reason. Been thinking what our mission and vision are? What do we offer? In other words: what’s our contribution to the society… And above all: what can (will) we do to make someone’s life better and more successful.

Fieldoo is about to launch. The platform to show your potential as an athlete, to present yourself on the world-wide market is becoming a reality. “Show your potential” is our core message to our community members, but there are, indeed, also other essential messages which describe our “being”.

I like some sport brands’ slogans, such as Nike’s “Just Do It”, adidas’ “Impossible Is Nothing”, Reebok’s “Life Is Short. Play Hard” etc. These words also describe us quite good, but I came to my favourite motto: “Without borders”, which is – to be honest – taken from NBA’s and FIBA’s joint initiative “Basketball without Borders”.

The message “Without borders” is so clear, mighty, limitless, endless and eternal. It just gives the message we’re trying to communicate. Yes, Fieldoo’s without borders, made for everyone and everybody. It’s widely open and free community of sports professionals from around the world, created for athletes, and for sports agents, scouts, coaches, club officials…

Why did I actually “fall in love” with simple words and meaning of “Without borders”. I had an opportunity to see most recent Basketball without Borders (BWB) held in Slovenia. There were lots of (ex) NBA stars (majority from Balkans region) and all of them were so nice with legendary LA Lakers former star Vlade Divac as number one. They were helping kids, educate them, really pushing hard to show the meaning of mentioned initiative. Yes, they did their job excellent, contribute to the society and make someone’s life definitely better.

Interesting, BWB was just an extension of friendly basketball tournament, also held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where all 6 former Yugoslavian republics (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) played together – for the first time after 20 years! Can you imagine this boundless space!? Yes, there still are some problems and disagreements between those countries, but sport can go way over it. It’s that simple: it’s without borders… just like Fieldoo is. Welcome!

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