Fieldoo’s idea – part 2

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As the release date of Fieldoo is fast-approaching, we feel obliged to explain a few basic concepts of Fieldoo community.

Creating an online social community, with recruitment preferences, in the sports industry is quite a challenge. Mainly because sport in its core is always a »live« event, a spectacle. It is always better being at the scene of the event, on the stadium, witnessing a record, a goal, a basket…

From such a »live« perspective, trying to capture the essence of sport and create a working, useful online application seems quite utopian. Well, did Michael Jordan complain, staying empty handed for the first seven NBA seasons? Did you hear Usain Bolt say that man cannot run under 9.60 on 100m? What about Lance Armstrong when thinking of impossible achievements?

Well, we do not see our project as challenging as the above mentioned achievements, but it is always difficult working on »fusion« of sport and internet.

Describing Fieldoo, it should be noted first and foremost that Fieldoo does not represent competition to anyone in the industry. Its basic function is to help, facilitate and provide opportunities. Its mission is to connect athletes with agents, managers, coaches, clubs, and other industry workers and vice versa.

Athletes will provide the other side of the equation with sports data. Stats, history, media coverage and especially video content of athletes’ sport life are going to represent the lifeblood of their profile. On the other side of the equation, clubs, agents, and others will search and examine athletes profiles for a potential signing, recruitment…adding them to their database. They will also be able to market its players through Fieldoo, communicating with other agencies, agents and clubs.

The above stated is Fieldoo’s essence; everyone involved communicating, gathering information, eventually prospecting from one another.

As mentioned, Fieldoo does not represent competition to anyone in industry. It offers services to agencies, individual agents, recruitment agencies, clubs, and all the other involved in sports industry. For some, this will be just an extra exposure on the web, assisting their official web page, while for others, it will represent a primary source of business, although ultimately it will be useful and effective for all the parties involved.

We already said that Fieldoo is not intended for CR7, Messi, Lebron James or Ricky Rubio, but rather athletes who try to get to the next level, to a higher division. Well if anyone of the previously mentioned wants to use Fieldoo’s services, we definitely won’t object, but the focus is set to be on players who have the skills and talent, and still need to be discovered and properly guided in the industry.

Fieldoo’s mission is to provide industry with Dirk Nowitzkis and Dirk Nowitzkis with an opportunity in the industry.

Just to refresh your memory, Dirk Nowitzki, the Dallas all-star player (pictured bellow), came to the NBA directly from a German second division basketball club (pictured above). It is a shocking fact, if we consider that even German first division basketball clubs are not among top 20 in Europe, and he was drafted from the second division club!

But this is what is all about. Finding a gem, polishing it, and showing it to the world.

Fieldoo will provide the involving parties with all the concepts of social networks. They will be able to communicate, send private messages, like and recommend other profiles, keep in touch with ex- team mates, clients…

The key is Fieldoo’s »live structured« profile, for everyone involved. It is not the point just to create a profile and then wait for others to discover you. Fieldoo will support active involvement of users in the community with different activities. Athletes will be stimulated to constantly update and upgrade their profile, and actively participate in the sports network.

Constant progress is the key to success. Fieldoo is about to get launched, and we are already preparing new concepts to improve our services. Concepts like Fieldoo’s 5, Fieldoo’s 11 are already in the making, but we will leave that for another post.

We want for our users to grow in every aspect, and Fieldoo will grow with you.

Prepare yourself; we are just about ready to begin our journey.

Bon voyage!

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