Communication is the name of the game

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Many athletes have asked themselves if signing deals with managers (agents) would change their (professional) life. Well, there’s no clear answer and it depend on many different factors.

In theory agents should always – with no exception – work for the good of the player. But first of all: there should (must) be even more; “chemistry”, really close connection between players and agents. Further on, the relationship has to be based on fair-play and honesty.

Well, a lot of athletes will say: “Hey, I can’t afford my own agent” or “I can’t even think about agent who takes care of me all the time.” It’s actually true, majority of them – top level players are excluded – get in contact with them only occasionally. This type of relationship is called “seasonal relationship”; i.e. agents/managers come to the athletes already with offer. But it’s not about negotiating, consulting, it’s just about “take it or leave it”. It’s obvious that such a relationship is not a long term relationship, it’s rather one time cont(r)act.

A lot of examples have shown that players came to new environments (clubs, countries …) and reality was totally different than promised by agent. I remember once when a friend of mine went on a few day trials. When he came to the training campus nobody in the club (!) had any idea, what he was doing there. Nobody expected him on the airport … his experience was awful. This is only one-in-a-million example of lousy relationship between player and manager.

Now, what’s the right way to do it? As I said in the beginning of this blog: there should be honesty and communication between all parties. If manager likes one club or country, this is no guarantee that athlete will also love it. So, try to talk, express ideas and find the best solutions for everyone. And, above all, don’t go to “promise land” if you’re not sure about it. If you trust in your abilities, the right chance will come, sooner or later, no worries.

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